Our Story

Erin Kuck grew up in West Central Iowa; one of nine children.  Being raised on a purebred Angus cow/calf operation developed her love for agriculture and production cattle specifically.  Erin received her Animal Science degree in 2004 from Iowa State University. In pursuing her agriculture passions, Erin has had the opportunity to work at and visit numerous operations in the United States, as well as, Australia, Brazil, and Africa.  More recently, Erin was serving customers for Accelerated Genetics in parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. In 2015, she left the District Sales Manager position to further her passion of achieving maximum conception and genetic excellence in developing heifers for progressive cattlemen across the country.

Kaleb Kuck grew up on a family farm in south central Nebraska near the town of Bertrand, growing corn and soybeans along with commercial cow calf production that eventually evolved into a purebred Angus cowherd. Progeny of the registered Angus cowherd are sold on an annual production sale each year – KEY Ranch. Kaleb is a graduate of Bertrand High School, he never attended college, as from a very young age he knew he wanted to farm and ranch for a living and went into production agriculture right out of high school. Through meeting and dating Erin Bradford and learning of her dream to own and operate a heifer development facility the idea of Bodoga Terra was born. In similarity to Erin, Kaleb has a passion for cattle and an excitement for the opportunity to offer a complete heifer development program to cattle producers across the Midwest.


Meet the Team

These team members helps us keep things running smooth and we are very grateful to have such a gifted group of people to work with.


Dr. Jeremy Martin

Consulting Nutritionist

​Growing up on a diversified livestock operation in west central Nebraska, Dr. Martin developed the desire to help producers make more profit while spending time at his father’s veterinary practice.  This led Dr. Martin to a Masters and PhD. in ruminant nutrition and reproductive management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  With a real-world education to match, Dr. Martin has a unique blend of nutrition and reproductive management experience and a passion for the beef industry in particular.





Dr. Larry Marshall

Consulting Veterinarian

Dr. Larry Marshall began his life on a farm southwest of Elm Creek. Cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and a few sheep were raised on the Marshall farm. After nine years of country school and four years of high school in Elm Creek, Dr. Marshall married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Hubbard. Seven years and three children later, the Marshalls left Manhattan, KS, in 1984 with a veterinary degree and a nursing degree in hand. After a one-year stint in Valley Falls, KS, Dr. Marshall purchased a practice in Bertrand. In 2001, Dr. Marshall purchased North Park Animal Hospital in Holdrege and continues to work out of both offices. Dr. Marshall is now the proud grandfather of eight grandchildren, Jaydn, Ashlyn, Preston, Miles, Kinley, Cameron, Aviana, and Holden.





Terry & Lynda Meyer

Facility Owners

Terry and Linda Meyer are the facility owners and farm in the surrounding area.  In addition, Terry and Linda own a custom gunsmithing business with their son, Lonnie, and daughter-in-law, Amy, called Run-N-Iron.